Catholic Vicar Found Dead In His Car In Anambra (Photos)

Catholic Vicar Found Dead In His Car In Anambra (Photos)
Catholic Vicar Found Dead In His Car In Anambra (Photos)

Father Charles Okeke-Odogwu Found Dead In His Car In Anambra (Photos)

A Roman Catholic Vicar of Holy Cross Parish, Oroma-Etiti in Anam, Anambra State was discovered dead in his vehicle at the front of Vicarage gate.The cleric recognized as Rev Fr. Charles Okeke-odogwu was discovered dead before the entryway of the vicarage on the guiding. It is as yet indistinct what executed the cleric.

May his spirit RIP.Amen.

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  1. I witnessed this incident, it happened in my community although the dean of studies narrated that the priest has not been in good health for long period of time, and he the Dean has been advising for a medical check up but who knows..

    The priest drove back from Aguleri or Onitsha according to the seminarian leaving with him at midnight or so.

    It was later in the morning when it’s time for morning mass, parishioners waited for long that led them to ask of father.. Semi said that father was not yet back.. It was when they dismissed themselves, coming out from the chapel, father’s car was seen in the school field.. They approached the car only to see father lying dead with vomited particles on his clothes, his seat belt was intact

    May his rest in peace.. The most humble priest I had contact with..

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