10 Football Clubs You Never Knew Have Won The Champions League

10 Football Clubs You Never Knew Have Won The Champions League

There is no doubt that the UEFA Champions League or the European Cup is the biggest game in club football. Winning it and engraving your name on the respected history of the world’s most popular sport requires a talented and perfectly skilled team. Also, it only takes a little bit of luck.   

However, looking at the current rankings of some of the previous winners, you might as well think that luck is all you need.

10. Marseille Olympics 1992/1993

Marseille was deprived of the Ligue 1 championship due to some unreliable match arrangements. This was also the first season in which they won the Champions League including group stages. Although they lost the national title that PSG admirably refused to accept, they retained their place in European history and remained the 1993 Champions League champion after defeating AC Milan. AC Milan advanced to the finals. They were fighting for the end of Ligue 1.

9. Aston Villa


How can a team that has just experienced one of the worst seasons in the Premier League ever be the king of Europe? Well, the amazing Aston Villa did just that. In 1981/1982, Villa defeated German master Bayern Munich 10 times to win the trophy. Needless to say, Aston Villa has since fallen out of favor. This is surprising.

8. Benfica

Benfica triumphed when the competition in Europe was still in its infancy. In 1960/1961, the Portuguese team defeated Barcelona 3-2 in the finals. Then, after defeating the dominant Real Madrid 5-3 the following year, the young Eusebio scored a goal in his first final and thus retained the trophy.

7. Celtics


The Scottish giants Celtics, due to their dominance in the country, have often ventured into European football recently, but have not achieved much success. However, in 1966/1967, they edged Inter Milan and won twice in the first three seasons.

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6. Eindhoven

In 1987/1988, the Dutch team Eindhoven defeated the two-time champion Benfica on a penalty shoot-out after a draw at 0-0 at 6-5. PSV have yet to reach such a high level again, they only entered the semi-finals in the year 2004/2005 and were eliminated by AC Milan.

5. Feyenoord


The Feyenoord of the Netherlands was also crowned King of Europe at the San Siro in Milan in 1969/1970. After Ove Kindvall scored in overtime in the 117th minute, they defeated the Celtics with 21 points. Due to the strike across Italy, the final almost never happened. Fortunately, the Italian Football Association decided to give in, allowing Feyenoord to win their only European Cup so far.

4. Nottingham Forest


The mid-game champion team, Nottingham Forest, was considered one of the best European Cup champions. In 1978/1979, Forest and Brian Clough defeated Malmö in the final by 1-0 after they eliminated Liverpool in the first round. Subsequently, the Red Army continued to keep the trophy by beating Hamburg SV 1-0 in the following season.

3. Hamburg SV


After losing to Nottingham Forest in the final, Germany’s Hamburg team got another chance to raise the trophy in three seasons. In 1982/1983, former Fulham coach Felix Magath scored a goal for Hamburg after playing for Hamburg for 8 minutes in a 1-0 victory over Italian giants Juventus, leading the German team to their first place. European champions.

2. Belgrade Red Star

The Red Stars of Yugoslavia, the Red Stars of Belgrade, now part of Serbia, won the European Cup the year before the 1990/1991 UEFA Champions League was renamed the UEFA Champions League. After a tie at 0-0, this relatively unknown team defeated Marseille in a penalty shootout.

1. FC Steaue Bucuresti

In the 1985/1986 European Cup final, Romanian Steaua Bucuresti defeated Catalan giants, Barcelona in Seville and scored no points in the first game. The two teams tied in 90 minutes and had a wonderful penalty shootout. All of Barcelona’s penalties were saved by Helmut Dakadan from Bucuresti and he won the title of “Hero of Seville”.

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