3 Areas Manchester United must improve at to be title contenders this season

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3 Areas Manchester United must improve at to be title contenders this season

3 Areas Manchester United must improve at to be title contenders this season

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United has somewhat affected the team in the sense that it can be considered a fierce team to be challenged by any other team.

But to state the least, Manchester United would need to step up if they will be competing and winning games with ease.

Matches being played this season even with the array of stars in the pack at the theatre of dreams still shows that United would need to address certain issues if they would avoid defeats in the coming weeks. Certainly Manchester United have won games this season and some of them were not outrightly impressive. There would be a need of reassessment for improvement:

1. Midfield area

Despite Manchester United playing good football, their midfield almost always seem shaky when the ball is in the opponents possession. The composure of the defensive midfield would need to be strengthened if and if Manchester United would be looking at competing for trophies. Against Wolves and Newcastle, the reds were not convincing, the UCL against young boys were a reality check which should be considered to avoid a devastating reputation in coming days.

2. The Wings

Mason Greenwood has had a wonderful start to the season and had played wonderfully well through games he featured but complimenting the players efforts wouldn’t be a bad idea. Having the right players playing at the right places can see Manchester United dominating from start to finish.

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3. Tactical approach

For every game, the tactical approach should be directed to a straight win and not a ‘beating around the bush scenario’. If the reds are willing to match their fellow counterparts for the title a tactical approach that sees a team possessing the ball without collapsing at any point should be top in the agenda.

Manchester United would be looking at coming back stronger in coming days and a proper analysis towards having a more sustained, convincing win in matches should be top in their minds.

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