5 footballers who no longer speak to their families

5 footballers who no longer speak to their families

5 footballers who no longer speak to their families


Adebayour is a Nigerian footballer who has one of the harshest story, Adebayour family has asked him for money many times and he says his mom only cares about money he said “when my daughter was born, we contacted her but she hung up immediately and didn’t want to hear anything about it “. Despite buying them houses and cars, they keep demanding for more from him, that’s why Adebayour cut ties with his family completely

Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil is one of many footballers who don’t speak with their families anymore, Virgil doesn’t have a relationship with his father anymore because his father left his family when he was just 12 and Virgil has never forgiven him, Virgil changed the name on his shirt because of dad’s.

Memphis Delay

Memphis grew up to be who he is today without a father figure in his life, when Memphis was just four, his dad left the family, that’s why he wears only Memphis at the back of his shirt, his father tried to reach him and reconnect though.

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The man with one of the coolest penalties in the world, her mother was banned from arsenal in 2015 for assaulting two men, their relationship appears to be broken down from there, and rumors has it that his mother now sleeps in a production plant.

Dele Alli

Dele is another player that dropped the last name on his shirt, he has no relationship with either of his parents, in 2018, his mother said she couldn’t afford to go watch him in Russia, nevertheless dele doesn’t want to talk about it he just want to concentrate on his football.

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