Signs she wants a break

Women are anything but subtle, but when it comes to addressing issues in a relationship, they might not be as straightforward either. Sometimes, during a turbulent relationship, women may whine and beat around the bush, hoping that men would and could understand what exactly it is that is bothering them. And, more often than not, men fail to do that!

1. Communication would cease: This is the first sign in a relationship when your woman is unhappy,her calls,her texts good morning messages,late night calls will become less frequent than before. She might withdraw and NOT necessarily end the relationship.

2. She excludes you from her social circle:You are not even invited to a gathering with her friends anymore.Yes,this is a definite sign she doesn’t want to have you around her social setting and wants a break.

3. Your plans with her are pending: If she still into you,she would be glad each time you make plans with her but once you notice that she averts your plans or make excuses each time you start a plan then she is definitely no longer into you and has drifted away from you.

4. She doesn’t accept your gift anymore: Flashback to when you get her gifts of all kind,she would wrap her arms around you and radiate the brightest smile on towards you but now she just accepts your gifts casually and walks away.

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