A ghanian lady falls to her death from a thress-storey building

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Ghanaian lady known as Elizabeth Antwi has met her inconvenient passing in the Jordanian capital city of Amman  by falling off from a third-floor condo while doing family unit errands.

Elizabeth Antwi, a home specialist in the Arabian nation, passed on under the most unfortunate of conditions.

She is accounted for to have tumbled to her demise from a three-story building while at the same time cleaning a glass.

As per a Jordanian lady who was recognized as the ‘madam’ of Antwi, the perished tumbled from the structure and was hurried to a clinic where she kicked the bucket later.

The ‘madam’ clarified that after hearing the information on Antwi’s mishap, she hurried to the police in endeavors to see her yet was forestalled by the police who presumed that Antwi was attempting to end her own life.

Antwi’s madam added that the expired fell around fourteen days prior and died on 24th December yet information on her demise was just delivered somewhere in the range of not many days back by the police.

It was after the information on Antwi’s passing that she discovered ID cards in her home to help find the expired’s family.

A Ghanaian man distinguished as Mohammed affirmed the information on Antwi’s passing and begged Ghanaians to help find the perished’s relatives.

The identification of Antwi as located in the video demonstrates that she was brought into the world in 1993 and she hails from Kumasi

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