Are you working hard without profit? Here’s why

Hardwork to the average human being entails the use of physical strength to carry out labour or a task at hand such as farming, fishing and the likes.Here are some reasons you are still broke and poor;

1. Hardworking people rely on physical strength: We are now in an era whereby physical strength doesn’t pay much,what is required is the maximum use of your brains,once you can think outside the box to maximize profit with little input then you have started working smartly. “The smarter you work the richer the get”.

2. Hardworking people sell time for money: Selling time for money is common among broke people. Rich people sell value instead and buy time from poor people by employing them. You can’t duplicate time but you can duplicate value. Find your value ,sell and duplicate them.

3. Hardwork prevents you from thinking: Thinking is the hardest thing for most people to do; Build up your mind,meditate and attend self development seminars.

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