Armed Robbers Rain Bullets On Cash Van (Video)

Armed Robbers Rain Bullets On Cash Van (Video)

Armed Robbers Rain Bullets On Cash Van (Video)

Bullets rip into the side of a cash van as the driver is forced to employ evasive action to avoid armed robbers.

The attempted heist saw raiders repeatedly ram and open fire on the Toyota truck as the shocked driver and an armed guard flee through traffic.

Dash cam footage records the moment loud cracks begin, with the outer pane of the driver’s window shattering inches from his face moments later.

The engine can be heard roaring as he screeches away, steering hard several times in an effort to lose the tail.

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The guard grabs an automatic rifle and grips it as he awaits further onslaught.

At one point the driver performs a u-turn and then can heard shouting “They’re going to shoot. They’re going to f****** shoot,” before several more shots ring out.

“Phone Robbie, phone Josh. Ask them where they are,” he then tells his colleague.

After two-and-a-half minutes the driver parked the truck, grabbed the rifle and got out by which point the raiders had fled.

His actions have seen him win praise online following the incident on April 22 in South Africa.

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