Barcelona with an incredible comeback against Sevilla.

Barcelona with an incredible comeback against Sevilla.

The copa dey Rey semi final second leg was played off yesterday on 3rd March 2021, with Barcelona facing Sevilla after getting beaten in the first leg by them in a match that ended 2-0 in favour of Sevilla.

Barca needed at least 3 goals without conceding to be able to secure a spot in the copa final and it wasn’t gonna be easy.

The match started and on the 12th minutes ousmane dembele opened up the scorelines with an unbelievable stunner. Barca pressed relentlessly, I’ve never seen them motivated and determined like they did in That match.


There was minimal errors and every Barca player was determined to win. The score remained until the 70th minutes when Barca conceded a penalty, all hope was about to be lost then suddenly Barca goalie Marc Ander Ter Steven pulled up an incredible save to keep them in the game and in the 94th minutes, Gerard pique equalised.. OMG, i literally jumped from my bed when he did that and was absolutely amazed.. football they say is unpredictable.


This meant they were going to play extra time. The extra time started and in The 95th minutes of the extra time, Martin braithwaite sealed the game with a fabulous header goal. The game ended 3-0.
Making Barca to be in the copa final six consecutive times in 7 seasons. Stunning. And for the first time in history RAC1 choose the whole team as man of the man. What a game it was.

Football is unpredictable they say. A

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