Caught On Camera, 2 Youths In The Act (+Video)

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Caught On Camera, 2 Youths In The Act (+Video)

Caught On Camera, 2 Youths In The Act (+Video)

Caught On Camera, 2 Youths In The Act (+Video)

A guy have been caught on camera with a lady in a plantation compound doing it.

From their appearance, it can be deducted that they are still young and thus may not have an apartment of their own.

As they have no apartment of their own and still want to taste the forbidden fruit, they must have concluded that the compound is a good place to carry out their plans.

As seen in the video, the boy was giving it to the lady from behind and the lady too was receiving it without any delay.

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Despite the fact that their dog was present at the scene looking at them as they practice bits style, they continue with their mission and even tried to chase the dog away, but the dog stayed and refuse to leave the scene

However, it appears that their operation was cut short as they seems to feel someone is approaching them and thus separate immediately.

The person recording the event must have stayed on a fence or just behind a fence to have gotten it recorded from such height.

Watch the video below:

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