Chelsea might have bought a striker even better than Romelu Lukaku

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Chelsea might have bought a striker even better than Romelu Lukaku

Chelsea might have bought a striker even better than Romelu Lukaku

If Tottenham Hotspur’s demands were not unaffordable, Chelsea would have opted to sign Harry Kane over Romelu Lukaku, according to Craig Burley.

Lukaku has been a highly successful signing for Chelsea so far, having scored three goals in the Premier League and four goals in the Champions League.

The 28-year-old just required four shots in the league to score those three goals, which is rather impressive.

However, as Thomas Tuchel recently disclosed in a press conference, the Belgium international is not the only striker Chelsea is considering.

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They were likely keeping an eye on Tottenham’s Kane, as well as a number of other strikers.

Despite Lukaku’s early impact at Chelsea, Burley believes Kane would have been a stronger addition if his excessive price tag had not been a factor.

Chelsea reportedly held talks with Kane’s representation, as well as maybe with Tottenham, according to the former Blues player.

“In the end, I believe Chelsea would have taken Harry Kane if the price was right. There isn’t any doubt in my mind about that.

While Kane undoubtedly has a superior Premier League record than Lukaku, most Chelsea fans are sure to be overjoyed with their new number nine.

Lukaku is scoring more goals and, more crucially, he appears to actually love the club, despite earlier admitting to being a Chelsea supporter.

Lukaku and Kane, according to Tuchel, are two strikers with contrasting profiles.

He claimed that the former prefers to wander and frequently drops into number 10 positions, while the latter wants to be a target man in the box.

Tuchel’s statement implies that Lukaku was always the optimum match, given Chelsea’s plethora of number tens.

Instead, following the exits of Olivier Giroud and Tammy Abraham, they required a clinical, out-and-out striker, which Lukaku has proven to be.

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