Chelsea reach champions league finals since 2012


Chelsea reach champions league finals since 2012



It’s blues day in London today as chelsea take the spotlight after securing their second champions league final since 2012.



Honestly, we didn’t expect this to happen. To think that Chelsea will beat real Madrid and that also with a cleansheet. Football they say is unpredictable.



Goals from Werner and Mason mount secured Chelsea’s champions league spot after 9 years of trials. It was an interesting match. Chelsea missed a whole lot of chances that had they scored them the margin difference would be up to 4 or 5 goals. But nonetheless, they deserved to be singled out and praised for their effort against a madrid side that has played more champions league than them and happens to have much experience than they do.
Congratulations to FC Chelsea
In London today, The sky is blue



To cap it all, this is also the first time in history that both the male and female side of a club are in the champions league finals
Chelsea men and Chelsea women are running the show in Europe this season 🔥
We wish them well

What’s next?
Chelsea play city at Istanbul on 29th may for the champions league finals.
Up blues

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