Compilation of the most annoying things in life.

Written by abraham

1. Slow Internet: We all get to know about that annoying feeling when you have unused active data and internet connection is slow.

2. Mosquitoes: mosquitoes are frustrating insects, each simultaneous ‘battle cry’ from the insect is so annoying that you can’t help but clap them in an attempt to stop the horrific cry.

3. Acne and pimples:  Everyone that has undergone puberty will probably understand the pain derived from popping one pimple or the pain of dealing with acne. They are like weeds on the human face; nobody wants them. The most annoying part is when they multiply after treatment.

4. People who walk really slow Infront of you.

5. A very slow queue in a supermarket,bank or someplace.

6. Screaming babies: babies are adorable and cute creatures but once they start screaming and crying all over the place. Well you know that feeling,they become annoying.

7. School: school teachers, assignments and projects can be so annoying and frustrating. Research has it that school has contributed to depression, suicide and frustration of a lot of people on earth.

8. Racists.

9. Advertisements: ads pop up at any time they like as if you own the phone with them. Ads can be categorized into;

-The ones without the skip button.

-The boring ones.

-The repetitive ones.

-The ones that ruin your games.

-The ones that display stuffs you already have.

10. Politics.

11. Attention seekers.

12. This space is an open cheque for you to fill with that specific thing that has annoyed you.

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