Cubana Sends Money To UNN Student Who Is Set To Be Expelled For Twerking [Video]

Cubana Sends Money To UNN Student Who Is Set To Be Expelled For Twerking [Video]

Cubana Sends Money To UNN Student Who Is Set To Be Expelled For Twerking [Video]

Dubby Gustavo of Cubana group has reached out to Obi Mirabel after she was listed for expulsion for twerking explicitly at UNN

An executive of the well-known Cubana group, Dubby Gustavo, has reached out to a student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Obi Mirabel, who the dean threatened to expel for dancing half-naked during an event at the school hostel.

Obi Mirabel, a 100 level student from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), had gone viral on social media after she was seen in a video removing her clothes while twerking half-naked at Akpabio hostel.

It was gathered that the first-year student won the sum of N10,000 which was awarded to the best dancer of the music event.

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However, the dean of students was seen in a viral video ordering for her prosecution and expulsion from the school over her indecent actions.

On Friday, October 29, the dean of students, Professor Edwin Ogechukwu Omeje, also issued a statement on the actions to be meted on Obi Mirabel.

The statement reads, “I just visited Akpabio Hall where a despicable display of character by a female student ended up going viral and dragging the name/integrity of the University of Nigeria to the mud.

“Following the ignoble act involving strip/nude dancing and despicable sacrilege by a first-year female student of MLS now identified as Obi Mirabel, resident of Presidential Hall, I hereby direct as follows:

“1. All forms of shows show adverts via all forms of music, visitation of DJs with loud music to halls of residence are hereby suspended indefinitely. All concerned are to take note and comply without fail.

“2. The use of convoy cars especially unmarked vehicles for any form of show/advert for shows is now banned till further notice.

“3. Entry into any hostel for all forms of advert involving loud music and associated ill behaviors is now banned. Hall Supervisors to take note of strict compliance.

“4. Efforts are on to fish out the alleged strip dancer, Obi Mirabel and send her to the Students’ Disciplinary Board in preparation for her expulsion from the University of Nigeria. Such behavior cannot be condoned in this University.

“5. This action by a supposed student of UNN is condemnable and without an accompanying drastic punishment, other students will not desist from such reprobate character.”

Gustavo Cubana Reaches Out To Obi Mirabel
One of the executives of the well-known Cubana group, Dubby Gustavo, who think there is nothing wrong with her action, has asked the young lady to send him her account details.

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