DeFi Connect: Make Over A 100% Of Your Crypto Investment Without Hassles

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DeFi: The Only Place You Can Over A 100% Of Your Crypto Investment Without Hassles

DeFi Connect: The Only Place You Can Over A 100% Of Your Crypto Investment Without Hassles

At least 221 million people use cryptocurrencies worldwide.

That’s barely 2.8% of the world’s population, which tells us that cryptocurrency adoption is rising, and there is still an early-movers advantage.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to become a part of the early movers. For those who do, their options of increasing their digital asset holdings are limited. They either spray and pray for their crypto assets to increase the value or trade it daily for small profits.

The big problem is that many small-time crypto holders do not have the luxury of trading daily and could be at risk of losing their assets due to the market’s volatility.

What if you could plant and harvest crypto currencies with up to 190% return on your seed investment?

Enter: DeFi Connect’s Token Farming

Token farming is a system through which investors plant their digital tokens as seeds for DeFi Connect to nurture and grow. Investors stand to get over 100% in profits after the maturity period.

This DeFi connect model is created by grafting two conventional profitable investment methods: dividend payment plans and growth funds.

Here’s the kicker, your seed tokens grow in value strictly through the demand for it generated by the various use cases of the token.

To aid transparency and ensure that you can monitor the progress of every single activity, especially the growth of your planted tokens, everyone on the Defi connects space gets to openly see and watch the entire chains binding our demand and supply system.

This intelligent technology is visible on the platform, will help you know to what degree your asset is being created to make informed decisions with your investments.

Are you already itching to plant?

Wait till you hear about the crux that drives the whole token farming process.

Ademu Anthony, the CEO of DeFiConnect had this to say while giving a keynote speech at the just concluded Block chain Nigeria User Group Conference (BNUG), “$DFC is not a meme coin. We are building real-world applications in Digital marketing, healthcare, transportation, and logistics. The goal is to completely bridge the gap between financial stratifications and the crypto world through the DFC”

What this implies, is that for every $DFC token you plant, you make transactions possible in DeFi COnnect’s Decentralized Health and Insurance MarketPlace (DEHIM).

What that means stakeholders in the health sector, such as clinics, doctors, lab merchants, and other safety net providers, will gain access to nearly FREE medical operational expenses, automated data-driven medical procedures, easy and stress-free access to booking procedures, and much more through the Decentralized Health and Insurance MarketPlace (DEHIM).

There’s more…

“We recently got a Solid proof clearance from BSCSCAN , a leading Block Explorer for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Our payment gateway DEFIPAY ,  that will be used across our ecosystem by merchants that wish to accept crypt currencies (including $DFC) is under active development. We also have an MLM Launchpad with one of the active system called Project 250 Cent already running since August the 1st.”

Anthony further added during a recent interview on Television Continental (TVC)

Ademu Anthony, CTO Deficonnect LIVE ON Television Continental (TVC)

Your token planting drives the DeFi Connect’s Digital Marketing Platform, where ready buyers their chosen service provider or product in real-time.

The Logistics/ Transportation sector is also not left out. Your token planting will be the force behind solving a few problems like tracking of vehicles, transportation of temperature-controlled products, easier carrier onboarding, and vehicle communication.

Now that’s actual value creation and exchange.

Coined from a recent press release on The biggest tech platform  in the Nigeria,  Techpoint Africa,
‘ The Deficonnect teams have shown a lot of poise by following through every milestone they spelt out on their roadmap since launch date.”

The $DFC coin is presently listed on top exchanges such as  LatokenPancake swap,  as well as market analysis platform Coingecko.
Want to learn more about token farming and DeFi Connect, the company behind it?

Join the thriving community of over 26 thousand active members on its Telegram community. Visit their website and also follow across your favourite social channels.

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