Do Not Reveal This 5 Secrets To Your Wife (Opinion)

Do Not Reveal This 5 Secrets To Your Wife (Opinion)

Do Not Reveal This 5 Secrets To Your Wife (Opinion)
Do Not Reveal This 5 Secrets To Your Wife (Opinion)

Every single person out there is waiting and looking out for a time that they are going to get Married. Marriage is a beautiful thing, love is amazing and many women need to be loved by men while many men want respect from their women.

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As a married man reading this, maybe you are not married and you are Also reading this, one day you are going to marry. I am going to tell you five basic secrets you should never reveal to your wife, no matter how much you love her because if you do, it has the highest chance of ruining your marriage.

Never let your wife know your ex-girlfriend.

If you want to ruin your marriage yourself then keep on introducing your ex-girlfriend to your wife. Women are emotional and they cannot handle what you as a man can handle. You can tell your wife that you have ex-girlfriends but never show her.

Do not tell her the number of women you have slept with before meeting her.

This may or may not cost you your marriage but it’s dangerous. Telling her the exact total number is enormous to be handled by her considering the fact that the number is outrageous.

Never share your account details or your pin

I don’t have enough to say here because it’s kind of personal. It’s better you have a savings account is known to her and your own personal account is known to you. When your marriage is new, you need this but as time goes on you can decide whatever you want.

Do not tell her to reduce her weight because she is getting fat.

It makes her look awkward instead when you notice that she is getting fat or overweight, engage her with activities that will help her reduce. Take her to the gym, and on a Saturday morning, you two can do a road walk together to keep fit.

Your family’s deep secret should not be revealed except on emergency and important ones.

Women are so emotional and little disagreement she might want to use it against you. Your family secrets should Remain family secrets except they know the ones for a peaceful existence.

A woman can be stepping up the ladder to success and they can as well be stepping down to poverty. Be wise. What do you think about this?

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