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E-Book/Hardcopy: Achieving Good Success by Ezeah Monday

E-Book/Hardcopy: Achieving Good Success by Ezeah Monday

Achieving Good Success by Ezeah Monday contains the blueprint for achieving significant success in life. This book is for everyone who desires to succeed in life.

It contains the complete dosage that will catapult you from the valley of failure and frustration to a limelight of fruitfulness. After studying and applying the principles outlined in this book, you’ll be completely amazed and overwhelmed by the drastic transformation it will bring to your academic, career, business and spiritual life.

This book contains practical success insights and principles on time management, role of discipline, power of positive thinking, utilizing your potentials, life lessons from the ants, and many more inspiring packages.

What makes this book different and unique is that it has a reflection corner at the end of every chapter. This portion contains life changing questions, life lessons and a compelling challenge. This is more than a book. It is a guide and a manual on your journey to success.

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