Easter 2021: I’m prepared to die to make Nigeria great

Easter 2021: I’m prepared to die to make Nigeria great

Easter 2021: I’m prepared to die to make Nigeria great
Easter 2021: I’m prepared to die to make Nigeria great

Olusegun Bamgbose, National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, has declared that he is prepared to die to make Nigeria great.

Bamgbose said this in his Easter message to Nigerians on Friday, being the ‘Good Friday’, a day Christians all over the world mark the death of Jesus Christ.

The senior lawyer noted that Jesus Christ showed the example of what true leadership should be when he died to save mankind, adding that political leaders are also enjoined to do same for their subjects.

He pointed out that a good leader must be prepared to do anything to help his people experience better life, noting Nigeria is in dire need of such a leader st this point in time.

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“A leader who will be prepared to fight corruption headlong, not minding what it will cost him. Jesus Christ fought against bad system of the Jews, though it cost him his life, but he achieved His aim. He was never self centred, he fought to liberate people from sins,” he said.

“A good leader should equally be prepared to fight so that the masses will be liberated from poverty. The truth remains that I’m very well prepared to die to make Nigeria great and outstanding if necessary.

“I’ve carefully and critically studied the situation in Nigeria, and have come to one conclusion that we are in serious need of a leader, who will be ready to stake his life to salvage Nigeria. No Nigerian leader can fight corruption without getting prepared to step on big toes. Corruption has become endemic in Nigeria.

“We need a leader to clear the rot in the system. By His grace I’ll be prepared to stand in the gap. I’ll be ready to step on toes to make Nigeria great. As elected President of Nigeria, there shall be no sacred cows.

“I loathe corruption and I will fight it like a plague, even at the risk of losing my live. Life is not about duration, but donation. I shall be prepared to donate my life to make Nigeria great.

“I’m very passionate about contributing to make Nigeria outstanding. I’m very optimistic that Nigeria will be liberated soon from poverty and insecurity. God bless Nigeria,” he added.

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