#EndSARS: Police Officer Mistakenly Shoots Colleague During Protests

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#EndSARS: Police Officer Mistakenly Shoots Colleague During Protests

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According to an eye witness who took the photo of this Police officer who was fighting for his life, he made it known that the officer was among the Police officers that were shooting at peaceful protesters in Surulere. He also shared a photo proof that was taken from one of the random videos which showed the officer (moment before the stray bullet struck him) making hand gestures to protesters to move back.

It was moments after that the officers started to shoot at protesters as they scampered for safety. After the shooting went down, protesters went back to the scene to help those that were hit by the bullets, a young man was lying dead already but they later found this police officer lying on the ground, he was mistakenly shot by his fellow police officer who probably didn’t notice because they were shooting at protesters. his inner organs were visible as the bullet reportedly shattered his stomach.


Source: Mcebiscoo

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