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Fire fighters shouldn’t be armed,Reps advices FG

Written by abraham

The house of rep has urged the Federal Government to jettison it’s move to arm personnel of the Federal fire service. The government had announced to present a bill before the National Assembly to grant firefighters the power to bear arms to protect it’s members against mob attacks while Carrying out their duties which is responding to emergencies.

Thomas Ereyitomi  said this bill should be halted as he further supported his motive which was later adopted by the house of representatives.

The motive states that the use of firearms by the federal fire service has caused anxiety to the public due to inappropriate and reckless use of firearms by those licensed to use the same position as security agents which led to the death or grave injuries of citizens.

He noted that the federal fire service is a civil society and not a security agency,adding that it was never a reasonable option to arm fire fighters;as guns are not required to Carry out their duties.

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