Governors Explain Why Palliatives Were Kept Hidden

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Governors Explain Why Palliatives Were Kept Hidden

Governors Explain Why Palliatives Were Kept Hidden

Governors Explain Why Palliatives Were Kept Hidden

The group of state governors in Nigerian under the auspices of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum have disclosed that the recent store of palliatives found out by some citizens in warehouses and stores across the country was put in those places for the anticipation and expectation of a second tide of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

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Meanwhile, some Nigerian youths after the discovery of some relief food items have started carting them away, criticizing the Nigerian governors for looting items meant for the mass who are most vulnerable.

Now, the NGF chief of Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo who spoke on behalf of the governors in a statement has said, “The Nigerian Governors Forum pleads with the members of the public to avoid spreading rumors which could further create shock and panic. Bello said.

He continued by saying some of the properties looted and vandalized by the youths and hoodlum include palliatives that had been set aside for vulnerable citizens of the country.

He further clarified that not all palliatives are meant for COVID-19. Some of these food items were kept to assist the vulnerable citizens in the community, warning the Nigerians to stop spreading some evil news, probably sponsored by some political opponents.

He then reemphasizes and corrects the feelings and impressions in people, explaining that all the palliatives found stores in Lagos and some other states were kept for members of the community, and majorly our vulnerable citizens.

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