Groom Dies On Wedding Day In Jos, Shocked Bride Lands In Hospital

Groom Dies On Wedding Day In Jos, Shocked Bride Lands In Hospital
Groom Dies On Wedding Day In Jos, Shocked Bride Lands In Hospital

A Groom, Mr Samuel Yarling, of Lamingo, Jos, has obviously kicked the can on his huge day leaving his woman of great importance to-be and the two families squashed.

The wedding which was planned for March 21, at the ECWA Church Seminary, had sent two families into lamenting after the unexpected going of the fortunate man.

Late Yarling was set to marry his heart breaker, Miss Helen Weze, a clinical guardian, who as showed by the family is at present on certification at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital (BHUT) resulting to going into shock, on getting some answers concerning her planned life partner’s death.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who chatted with a relative said that late Yarling was overflowing with life before his ominous passing.

He revealed that both himself and the late fortunate man had gone to pick his wedding suit at his sister’s home at around 12 am and remembering that there he fell on the ground and had a slight injury on his head.

He said that his injury was treated at a near to patent medicine store while they went out where they could go through the night.

Relating further, the source said that after about an hour of their arrival in the guest house the late Yarling began to vomit fiercely.

He said that it made him call for help and he was rushed to Bingham University Teaching Hospital for treatment yet was asserted dead on appearance.

He depicted his going as dazzling and troublesome considering the way that late Yarling kept uncovering to him he was fine until everything changed course and he kicked the pail in his arms.

A companion of the expired who addressed NAN additionally said that the perished was occupied on Friday however resigned later to close designs for the following day.

At the point when NAN reached the police, its PRO, ASP Uba Agaba, said that the passing had not been accounted for yet they would examine the issue. (NAN)

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