Here Is A List Of All The Teams That Will Compete In The EPL This Season

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Here Is A List Of All The Teams That Will Compete In The EPL This Season

Here Is A List Of All The Teams That Will Compete In The EPL This Season

Chelsea is currently known as ‘The Blues.’ or unofficially as ‘Baba Blue’ by the Nigerian fans. The former nickname for Chelsea was ‘The Pensioner.’ The club was nicknamed ‘The Pensioners’ because of its connection to Chelsea Hospital, which housed British war veterans.

7. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace was formerly known as ‘The Glaziers,’ in reference to the Crystal Palace, the Great Steel and Glass Structure that bears their name. But it was later changed to ‘The Eagles,’ when Malcolm Allison took over as Director of the Crystal Palace.

8. Everton Football Club.

Everton is nicknamed ‘The Toffees.’ Everton were nicknamed after an ancient Toffees shop, and have beared that name since they left Anfield for Goodison Park in 1892.

9. Leeds United
Leeds United is simply known as ‘United’ or ‘Whites.’ Another known name for Leeds United is ‘Peacock.’

10. Leicester City

Leicester is popularly known as ‘The Foxes.’ The name was derived from the early known occupation of the inhabitants of Leicestershire, who were said to be into foxes and fox hunting.

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11. Liverpool
The nickname for Liverpool Football Club is ‘The Red.’ The name ‘The Red” comes from Liverpool’s Jersey Colour, which is thoroughly red.

12. Manchester City
Though unofficial, Mancity happens to bear the nickname, ‘The Citizen.’ The additional nicknames of Manchester City football clubs are ‘City,’ and ‘The Sky Blues.’

13. Manchester United.
Manchester United have the most scary name of all the Premiership teams for this season, ‘The Red Devils.’ Souces online claim the nickname was adopted as a name that would scare opponents.

14. Newcastle
The nickname for Newcastle United is ‘The Magpies.’ Newcastle is known as ‘The Magpies’ because of the black and white jerseys, and the color of the club’s badge.

15. Norwich
Norwich city is nicknamed ‘The Canaries.’ It will interest you to know that the club’s colour has always been influenced by that nickname.

16. Southampton
Southampton is known as ‘The Saints,’ because the club was founded by a group of young men from St Mary’s Church in Southampton in 1885.

17. Tottenham Hotspurs
The nickname for Totenham is gotten from the word Hotspur, which is ‘Spurs.’

18. Watford
Watford is known as ‘The Hornets.’ The nickname was chosen by the fans of Watford because the club’s colors are yellow and black.

19. Westham United
Westham is called ‘The Hammers.’ Other nicknames for Westham United are ‘The Irons,’ ‘Academy of Football,’ and ‘The Cockney Boys.’

20. Wolves
The nickname for Wolverhampton is ‘The Wanderer,’ or ‘Wolves.’
Of the twenty teams listed above, which nicknames do you think is the most humorous and unique? Let’s know what you think about these

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