How dangerous is Mark Zuckerberg?

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How dangerous is Mark Zuckerberg?


Is he becoming too powerful?
He is the most powerful man in the world, next to Donald Trump, who arguable owes his power to facebook.

Know three things.

He is facebook. He is the self-made billionaire chairman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Facebook. He retained all the power by saying yes to all the right people and no at all the right times. And now he’s Instagram and WhatsApp, as he continues his conquest, which, depending on his appetite, could easily end with America.
He knows everything. Facebook doesn’t just know what you tell them. They . All they need is your email address or phone number — which they require for signing up, along with your agreement to their Terms of Service. Which is all sites and brick and mortar stores ask for these days. Coincidence? Neither your blank relationship status or your privacy settings are relevant. They gather as much on you as they can and sell it — to the tune of .
He has entered politics. The moment you begin relationships with , , and mention you’re, you’re in. He’s done all three.
If Mark Zuckerberg wanted of him running for president, he could generate them. He could then harvest all the reactions and analyze them. He could then manipulate public perception in his favor.

That’s what ads do. He is in the business of ads. And facebook is the most powerful advertising platform in the world.

Facebook is a propaganda dream machine.

I’m not saying he did anything yet.

The problem is he could. The threat is he might. And the fear is he did it already.

But he is only dangerous if he chooses to be. Arguably he could do just as much good. However, a lot of damage has already been done.


Why are so many privacy statements popping up on web sites all of a sudden? It’s due to online marketing practices that have the lawyers scared. Lawyers don’t easily get scared. And every time we don’t opt out, we opt in, and we’ve just told them everything about us. They don’t need your name, or email, or phone number. All they need is that cookie. Facebook paved the way.
99% of facebook is fed privacy safety announcements and corporate apologies, and shielded from how facebook makes their money. Only those who open a business advertising account open the pandora’s box and get to see how facebook makes money — because that’s how they will make their money. And it starts by them uploaded their entire database of customer emails and phone numbers. Many of the answers here seem completely oblivious to this. Facebook knows everything, but their users know nothing. Facebook paved the way.
Why is Donald Trump in office? Facebook isn’t the only reason, because there is never one reason. But the contribution was significant, and considering the margin of victory, it’s no surprise even Donald Trump was surprised he became president. Facebook paved the way — for the Trump presidency.
His users are the product, and facebook is the industrial attention farm. They are told all facebook does is sell ads that are better when targeted.


Which they are. And we can still ignore them, they tell themselves.

So they continue to feed off their feed, stay addicted to likes, and return for that sense of connectedness — to a platform that manufactures connectedness for profit.

But now ads aren’t just the banners that can be blocked. They are tweet bots, Medium articles, viral youtube videos, paid celebrities, friends who have to share something, and the news.

Ads no longer target just your wallet. They target your attention, your thoughts. and your vote, starting with the innocuous bait of just one click.

Users are his sheep, and he has 2 billion of them.

Mr. Facebook may not run for president. But when he does, he will be the most dangerous man in the world.


When he runs, he will win, because you will vote for him.

He knows it.

You just don’t know it yet


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