How much money do the Euro 2020 champions win – Read Full Details

How much money do the Euro 2020 champions win - Read Full Details

How much money do the Euro 2020 champions win – Read Full Details

Teams taking part in Euro 2020 aim to win the tournament or at least deliver a good performance. But how much money can they win

Euro 2020, the 16th edition of UEFA’s premier international competition, has brought joy and excitement among thousands of fans around Europe and the world but it has also offered tons of money to the 24 teams that have taken part in the competition.

In this edition of the European Championship, there is a massive increase in the fund of the event, which has grown 23 percent from the previous one. If the happiness of winning the trophy and being the best side in Europe weren’t enough, the winners can pocket up to $40.1 million.

As happens in other tournaments, teams accumulate more money the further they get in the competition. The winning side will take home $11.8 million on the day of the final, besides the money accumulated on the way to the final round.

How much money can the Euro 2020 champions win?

For the winners to make a maximum of $40.1 million, they should also have emerged victorious through each of their three group-stage matches before winning each knockout game.

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This year, every team will get $10.91 million just for qualifying, while group-stage wins ($1.77 million) and draws ($884,000) each come with prize money attached. However, the big money is earned in the knockout rounds.

The total pot to be split between the 24 teams is $43.6 million, up from $358.6 million at Euro 2016.

Winner: $11,797,100

Runner-up: $8,257,970

Semi-finalists: $5,898,550

Quarter-finalists: $3,834,057

Round of 16: $2,359,420

Group match victory: $1,769,565

Group match draw: $884,782

Group stage: $10,912,317

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