How to make Her smile more

To make a girl smile,all you need is a  sincere wish to make her see a big,bright smile on her face.

1. Surprise her with a nice dinner,if you can’t prepare a dish for her just order her favorite meal.

2. Sing her to sleep: let her feel like a child. Sing her favorite song or a song you made up to express your feeling for her.

3. Send her a cute text while she’s sleeping so when she wakes up, she’ll wake up with a smile.

4. Call her beautiful,instead of pretty,cute or gorgeous.

5. Go out for a stroll. Hold her hand while walking.

6. Sneak up behind her, hold her around her waist,kiss her softly on the neck and tell her you love her.

8. Have a date planned out so all she has to do is look good and show up.

9. Bring her gifts for no reason  not just when you’re in trouble or on valentine.

10. Give her a bear hug.

11. Take her best friends out for coffee/dinner. She’ll appreciate your gesture of getting to know her friends.

12. Support her ambition.

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