I infected my children with COVID-19 — Omotola

I infected my children with COVID-19 — Omotola

I infected my children with COVID-19 — Omotola
I infected my children with COVID-19 — Omotola

Nollywood entertainer Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has opened up on her Coronavirus experience while responding to a discussion on how Nollywood can hold fast carefully to the wellbeing rules of COVID-19 preceding resuming creations on the famous producers’ WhatsApp gathering, Filmic.

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Vanguard announced that the veteran entertainer said she was treated by some irresistible perish doctors who revealed to her that numerous individuals are tainted with the infection on the grounds that there’s no far reaching testing.

Reviewing how she got the sickness on a film set, the entertainer said;

“I barely become sick thus when I left the set and began having cold the following day or somewhere in the vicinity, I realized something wasn’t right. I figured it may be pressure. This was on Monday, August 3. I held up till Tuesday and it deteriorated. I was shaking wildly and my temperature was experiencing the rooftop.”

She also disclosed that infected her son and daughter with the virus. Omotola added;

“My spirit told me, this isn’t intestinal sickness or fever. I have been incredibly cautious and neurotic about this COVID-19 stuff. So I advised hubby I should have been tested right away. I have a child that has Asthma!

“They came to test me on Wednesday and my outcome came out on Thursday evening … Positive. My reality smashed. I felt insane and void.

“My side effects were high fever and chills… fortunately no other. However, it was so awful, they thought about coming to clear me as my viral portion was high and I wasn’t showing signs of improvement … yet God emerged for me. I went into segregation right away. We got my outcome yet my girl began feeling clever.

“So they needed to come test the entire family … I had contaminated my girl and asthmatic child ! My God appeared for me as my child is asymptotic, so certain however not debilitated ! My girl lost her smell and taste and had serious looseness of the bowels. All has halted now, express gratitude toward God.

“My husband and last child tested negative individually. We are all now going away … stepping through another test soon.

“It’s genuinely, profoundly and sincerely debilitating as the doctor disclose to you it’s a 50/50 possibility . Nothing you do truly spares you . You can just take the nutrients, deal with the side effects and expectation your body battles”


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