‘i Want To Die’ – 7 Year Old Girl Tells Doctors

‘i Want To Die’ – 7 Year Old Girl Tells Doctors

A 7 year old girl reportedly told doctors that she wanted “to die” after being hospitalized for abuse.

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According to a Crime Online report published on Sunday September 20, the girl, identified as “Yaz”, was taken to Hospital de Las Margaritas in Pueblo, Mexico in late August, after suffering from internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, burn marks on her back and cigarette burns on her arms and hands.


“I want to die…I don’t want to go back to my parents so that they keep hitting me,” the girl said, according to a statement from doctors.


According to the Attorney General of the state, her parents, Rafael N. and Alejandra N. were detained on September 3, and have been charged with family violence and child abandonment.

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