Igbo groups reject Almajirai relocation to Southeast

Igbo groups reject Almajirai relocation to Southeast
Igbo groups reject Almajirai relocation to Southeast

The Ohaneze Ndigbo have mourned the expanding migration of the Almajirai toward the Southeast regardless of the interstate travel boycott by the Federal Government and they have pledged to oppose this movement.

The most elevated Igbo socio-social associations, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Igbo National Council (INC) and the Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) on Tuesday required an end to the convergence of Northern young people into the southeast states.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) additionally kicked against the turn of events.

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They blamed security offices for complicity in the free development of the Almajirai, which they said makes a joke of the interstate travel boycott.

Ohanaeze President in Anambra State, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene, said it was left for the individuals to ensure themselves since the Federal Government has “neglected to adequately authorize its request.”

Okeke-Ogene stated: “The Federal Government isn’t prepared to ensure us. We should take our security in our grasp. No other individual can do that.

“We’re prepared and we caution those without a strategic the state to discover elective habitations. This state can’t contain us and them.”

The Igbo National Council, INC, depicted the movement of the Amajirai toward the Southeast as an attack on the Ndigbo, The Nation reports.

INC President, Chilos Confident encouraged Igbo pioneers to revitalize their vigilante outfits and start a distinguishing proof exercise in their networks.

“We additionally charge the vigilante gatherings to begin customary brushing and security of the considerable number of woods of our networks.

“INC will do everything conceivable to ensure the residents and regions of the Igbo country states,” he said.

ASATU National President Chief Alex Onukwue asked why the Almajirai were moving toward the Southeast as opposed to coming back to their conditions of birthplace.

He told correspondents: “for the benefit of the considerable number of networks of Anambra State, we express our disturb and all out dissatisfaction with progressing mischievous endeavors by some urgent residents, who are occupied with the underhanded demonstration of delivery odd people from Northern Nigeria toward the South, Anambra State and the Southeast comprehensive.

“We wish to caution that should this hard business of transportation weird people proceed, Almajirai or not, from the North or somewhere else to Anambra State considering COVID-19 limitations, the networks of Anambra State will be left with no decision than to go up against the circumstance with all the earnestness it merits. We can no longer accept it as a piece of cake.

“Whosoever that is or are behind this fiendishness must avoid doing so quickly as the networks of Anambra State can no longer overlap our hands and watch on as our lives are being undermined by the wicked tendencies of some unpatriotic residents who can go similar to concealing individuals among creatures and packs of concrete or whatever and carry them from the Northern pieces of the nation down to Anambra State and the Southeast.”

Ohanaeze young people, in an announcement by its National Deputy President, Dr Kingsly Dozie, asked the Southeast states to guarantee the Almajirai come back to where they originated from.

“We will no longer endure the damage by security agents who should man our outskirts and stop the inundation of the Almajiris, including suspected Boko Haram radicals.

“We are connecting with our childhood vigilante gatherings to assume responsibility for the fringes. That’s the last straw.

“We are cautioning all the security agents to hold fast carefully to the restriction on interstate development. We are presently situated to check the outskirts ourselves.

“We won’t approve the harm from avaricious and narrow minded security agents and specialists. The lives and property of our kin are critical to us,” Dozie said in an announcement.

The PFN said the free development of the Almajirai, in spite of the lockdown, was a danger to endeavors to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

National Vice President (Southeast) Dr Cosmas Ilechukwu said it was weird and indefensible that “these people are flooding into the Southeast in spite of the across the nation lockdown and restriction on interstate travel”.

“To this end, we are approaching the Southeast governors to stir the discussion by setting up harsh measures to guarantee the insurance of the locale’s limits.

“The present circumstance ought not be left unchecked as it presents grave peril to this zone,” he said.

The Pediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN) communicated worry over the treatment of the Almajirai.

The relationship, in an announcement by its President and Secretary Prof Edward Alikor and Dr Petronila Tabansi, said the Almajirai were in danger of COVID-19 contamination and transmission.

It said reports that a portion of the Almajirai were dismissed by their conditions of starting point and compelled to come back to where they originated from was condemnable.


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