Importance Of Education – School Is Not A Scam! (See Why)

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Importance Of Education – School Is Not A Scam! (See Why)

So I heard that a Nigerian man captured a Blue Marlin Fish worth $2.6 million, but ate it with his village people.

I don’t know who they are in person, but I’m very sure that none of them finished Primary or Secondary School. Obviously, they can’t read and write properly.

Don’t be deceive, education is really important in the life of every human being. If you’re privileged, don’t joke with it. School is not and will never be SCAM.. despite out shitty education system here in Nigeria.

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How could normal human beings ate fish of $2.6M value that could have transformed their lives and community for good and forever. Ignorance. Illiteracy.

Had it been one among them is learned, they wouldn’t have done this. Be you farmer, fisherman, bricklayer or whatever, make sure you know how to read and write. Basic education at least.

You see..School Is Not A Scam!


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