Inspirational talks from Alfa Jeje

Mallam Habeeb Ibrahim Balogun Alfa Jeje, a Famous Inspirational Speaker, is the Founder and Chief Missioner of Amuru-llah Islamic Group International.Despite that he’s a biological son of Alhaji Fodillat Sheik Al-Imam Yunus Ibraheem Balogun, the grand Chief Imam of Ikirun Land, Osun State, his hunger to develop himself and other humans had helped him to be in the forefront of Inspirational Speaking in Nigeria. One of his recent accomplishments includes, combining hi-tech multimedia expertise with the field of Islamic Healing, counseling, and self-help. He has produced countless informative and educative, tapes, audio, video, seminars lectures, sermons, career talks, books and other material. The next time you think of hiring a soul-touching, top-notch speaker, you’re on the right path if you have him on your event. He delivers beyond expectations. One word sums him up: “Positive Change!”

+23480 6230 2151

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