Instability: President Buhari’s non-verbal communication encourages psychological oppressors Aisha Yesufu

Instability: President Buhari’s non-verbal communication encourages psychological oppressors Aisha Yesufu


The co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls gathering, Aisha Yesufu, showed up on Channels TV on Friday night, February 26 where she reprimanded President Buhari over his treatment of the miserable condition of uncertainty in the country.

As per Ms. Yesufu. President Buhari’s non-verbal communication has kept on encouraging the fear mongers.

“We are utilized to a president whose words amount to nothing. He says a certain something, and something else occurs,” she added.

Since one of the significant kidnappings in the nation occurred in 2014 – (the snatching of more than 200 school children in Chibok, Borno State), Yesufu has been at the front line of the calls made to the Federal Government to guarantee the arrival of all abductees just as to check the pace of weakness in the country.

The non-verbal communication of President Muhammadu Buhari empowers the fear mongers. They realize that we have an ineffectual President and Commander-In-Chief, we have an uncouth one a dumbfounded one, who doesn’t make a big deal about what’s going on in the country.

Recently we covered seven military officials, the best that we have, the country was in grieving and the President was a couple of moments from where they were and the president didn’t turn up, what does that connote? It’s about time that we start to set genuine expectations for the president.

This is a particularly miserable second particularly with the way that our administration has not picked up anything disregarding just about seven years of promotion that we’ve been approaching the public authority to make the best decision and to do the needful to guarantee that the residents are secured.

Before the Chibok Girl’s kidnapping, there was really the Guniyadi killings where 29 young men were butchered in their schools”.

When requested to talk in transit forward to handle uncertainty, Ms. Yesufu reacted

“It isn’t in our place to give the route forward. His (the President’s) compensations are being paid for it, his requirements are being dealt with. He was casted a ballot to give the route forward.”

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