Lady Accused Of Killing Agulu Youths In Anambra

Lady Accused Of Killing Agulu Youths In Anambra
Lady Accused Of Killing Agulu Youths In Anambra

Lady Responsible for Death of Youths And Using Church To Cover Up Finally Exposed!!!

________It has been going on live in Agulu, Anambra State since yesterday, today will even now proceed with tomorrow…

Onlooker report;

“The lady in this image is extremely evil, she has executed such huge numbers of honest spirits both youthful and old. She utilized church as a concealment and the name of the congregation is Sabbath.

“This story is genuine occurring in Agulu now. The lady has such a significant number of houses in her compound and the rooms are brimming with charms and where she live is the place they use trees to manufacture.

“One room is loaded with individuals pictures some are composed RIP at the back and some have dates in the back like 2weeks and a day.

“She admitted that the passage of her home is work with a child of 3months. They discovered 3big molters and she said she use it to pound new conceived babies.

“They discovered one major pot copying without fire under it. It was actually an awful something and demonstration of evil.

“They requested the adolescents not to beat her since she covered individuals alive and the sister said she covered pregnant lady alive.

“This is all for now. More are coming”

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