Lionel Messi and Barcelona

Written by D_Samdeco

Lionel Messi and Barcelona.
*Messi and Barcelona*

Over the years there’s been much talk about what will happen to Barca without Messi, or you could put it this way too, what will happen to Messi without Barcelona…

Last season ending Lionel Messi opened up on his frustration at Barcelona where he tried to send a burofax to the board telling them he wanted to leave but was not allowed to!

This has got us thinking that maybe the Argentine star might be leaving Barca after all. He also gave a hint last month, december 27th on a possible transition into a new club but said he will not make any decision till June, which is when his current contract runs out…

It remains to be seen whether or not the Argentine star will take the step to a new challenge or still stay back..
A Barca without Messi will be boring to watch..

Let’s hear your input in this.
What do you think will happen???

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