Manchester city owner to pay for fans flight


Manchester city owner to pay for fans flight


The management head of Manchester city football club in the person of Sheikh’s Mansour has confirmed that the club will be paying for the Fan’s flight tickets for the upcoming champions league finals with Chelsea.



The Billionaire fellow confirmed this lately, as this is the first time in the history of the cityzens that they have reached the final and are at the verge of clinching the title after a wonderful run throughout the competition’s stages.


This is a kind gesture from the Billionaire fellow as he wants as many fans as possible to witness the aroma and bliss of being in a champions league final and we (Bossvibe) cannot let this update pass us by without shouting it out to the world. Manchester city is truly an admirer of her fans.


The cityzens play Chelsea on 29th of may 2021 And there history will be made. May the better side win 🔥🔥

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