Meet Ngolo Kante’s Lookalike Who Was Spotted (Photos)

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Meet Ngolo Kante's Lookalike Who Was Spotted (Photos)

Meet Ngolo Kante’s Lookalike Who Was Spotted (Photos)

Like some people will say, God has created man in pairs. Though I do not subscribe to that opinion, but truly there are people who look almost exactly like other people. They are not twins, they have never met and do not even know each other.

This is actually the case with a 24-year-old Hausa man who goes by the name Ya’u. He lives in Daura, Katsina state, a northern state in Nigeria which also happens to be the home town of Nigerian president, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. This guy looks exactly like Chelsea star Ngolo Kante.

Ya’u revealed that he was nicknamed Kante six years ago due to his striking semblance to the Champions League winner. Ya’u, surprisingly is not a football fan and never liked it when people started calling him Kante in 2015.

He later enjoyed his new nickname when he realized how famous of a footballer Ngolo Kante is. He further revealed that he was mistaken for Kante in Kano when a Keke Napep rider and his friends started calling Kante! Kante! They all ended up taking pictures with him.

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When asked if he would be glad to one day meet Ngolo Kante, Ya’u dismissed the possibility because they live too far apart. He says ”I live in Daura and Kante lives in London and I have no link with him, so I have no dream of meeting him”.

Ya’u has so many similarities with Kante. From his skin, to facial structure, dentition and even his smile is just the same as Kante. They could pass for twins and this could only be more confusing if Ya’u eventually gets a chance to visit London.

Kante is currently in Chelsea’s pre-season training under Thomas Tuchel. There’s a very high chance that he could feature for the Blues on Wednesday when they play against Europa League winners, Villarreal in the UEFA Super Cup.

He had an excellent campaign last season. He was very instrumental in Chelsea’s run-up to winning the UEFA Champions League. He racked up brilliant performances and his heroics over two legs against Real Madrid, where he made elite midfielders like Kroos, Modric and Casemiro look so ordinary, would linger in our hearts.

He was tipped to go on and win the FIFA World Best Player Award. Kante dismissed those insinuations and would rather focus on winning more trophies with Chelsea. We’ll have to wait till the end of the year to see how things pan out as regards the FIFA Best Player Award.

Maybe Ya’u could get even more publicity if Kante finally wins the FIFA Best Player Award. You never can tell. The Frenchman might even be eager to meet him if he gets to see this. The road to stardom is indefinite and this could just be Ya’u’s turn.

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