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Messi decides to stay at Barcelona


Messi decides to stay at Barcelona



Barcelona captain and starman whose future have been uncertain since last season has finally made the long awaited decision.



The star said earlier on November that he was tired of the board of directors of FC Barcelona who have been making decisions and not planning for the future of Barcelona. He expressed his grievance with them and said they were never interested in the future of Barcelona.


He also hinted that he’s tired but said he won’t give the final conclusion about his contract until June when his current contract expires.


That being said, news report that the new president Joan Laporta have already tabled a contract offer to him which will see him stay in Barcelona for 3 years and with the relationship he (Messi) has with the current president, he might be staying afterall.


June is around the corner and the whole sport world is awaiting his final decision but we are so confident he will still remain at Barcelona also with the hint that aguero his Argentine teammate is close to finalising a move to Barcelona, this we believe will spur the star to remain at Barcelona as him and aguero have a very good relationship.

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