MESSI: Lessons To Learn From Argentina’s Copa America Win

MESSI: Lessons To Learn From Argentina's Copa America Win

First of all congratulations to Argentina for winning the 2020 Copa America, this is a huge victory for them especially messi despite all the near winning encounters and multiple Finals lost in the hands of their rivals

1. Delay is not Denial
Argentina last won the Copa America in 1993 and has lost seven finals since then. This didn’t deter them from focusing on their game and bringing out the best in them to ensure they break the trophy drought. As we can see a lot of people were happy for Argentina as if it was their ever first trophy (well it is, especially to the players). Whatever you’re doing as long as no one gets hurt just continue cause it will surely pay off just one day. you may not get it right at first but with consistency you will conquer.

2. Love your critics
We all saw how messi was being criticized cause he hasn’t won any major international trophy, that was his major driving force to give this tournament his best and what happened ?? It finally paid off. Critics can sometimes motivate people towards success, so you have to love them.

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3. Always put in your best in everything Argentina had the chance of winning this Copa America twice against a less competitve but stubborn chile but they bottled it, if they had won at least one of those finals back then it would have given them a more composed atmosphere and confidence but that wasn’t what we saw cause Argentina played under pressure yesterday but we’re happy they won.

4. Teamwork is ​Strength
Despite Brazil been the better team and the Argentines playing under pressure, their teamwork was commendable, from the tackles, saves, attack, all of them blended well, no one was left out (including messi).

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