Mum accidentally shot dead during fake kidnapping stunt

Mum accidentally shot dead during fake kidnapping stunt

A 20-year-old mum has tragically died after being accidentally shot in the head by her friends while filming a fake kidnapping video for TikTok.

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Mum-of-one Areline Martinez, 20, had been using a real gun and live ammunition for the prank on October 2 when tragedy struck in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Footage has surfaced of the moments just before her death. It shows the young woman playing out the kidnapping scene for TikTok while being surrounded by an armed group who were all part of the skit.


The young mum is seen sitting next to a man who is also pretending to be a victim while their other friends hold weapons and play the part of a criminal gang.


Witnesses told local newspaper Sin Embargo that the victim was shot by two of her friends with a 45-calibre gun after which they fled the scene.


Martinez was found dead on the ground and still tied up.


Mum, 20, accidentally shot dead during fake kidnapping stunt for TikTok (video)


Earlier in the day, the victim wrote on social media: “Time does not stop and neither do I.”


Cesar Augusto Peniche Espejel, the Chihuahua state attorney general, told news site Proceso: “One of the hypotheses we are looking at is that they were tampering with a firearm thinking that it was not loaded and accidentally shot the woman.”


It is not clear why they were filming the video with a real gun with live ammunition, or whether it was licensed.


Infobae report that it went off by mistake.


The investigation continues and a funeral was carried out on Monday, October 5.

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