Must Read: 12 Habits Women May Never Tell Guys

Must Read: 12 Habits Women May Never Tell Guys

1 They Always Wana feel loved and appreciated

2 They notice everything about you, your behavior with other girls, the waiter, opinions about life and the future.

3 They don’t easily abandon a man they love, but once determined, whatever you do, they never come back.

4 They like chocolates during Pm-sing (in general) and are extremely emotional.

5 They cry over little things.

6 They can easily understand when a guy has a crush on them. Sometimes they react, sometimes not.

7 They like the deodorant you wear, They always check your sense of dressing.

8 They might say it’s cheesy, but of a guy they like, they don’t mind.

9 They don’t like a guy always complaining that women are gold diggers or bad guys, etc. Not everyone is the same.

10 They like this gesture when you take time off your busy schedule and talk to them for only 10 minutes before sleeping. Basically, they love it when you step out of your comfort zone and do something for them.

11 They love hugs and roses. No matter how cliché he looks. They do.

12 They love it when you play with their hair. Untangle it.

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