“My Staff Poisoned Me”, Reason my Stomach is Big”- Mr Ibu

“My Staff Poisoned Me”, Reason my Stomach is Big”- Mr Ibu

JOHN Okafor aslo Known as Mr. IBU the popular Nollywood Celebrity, has come out to deny the accusation about his stomach which he said is not as a result Alcohol.

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Through a video he release, he debunk the accusations of his big stomach, whereby saying he was poisoned which he almost died. He made it clear through the Video that he was poisoned by his staff when they were in Nnewi for a show. The poison was forced down his throat by his staff which they beat him to do such act.

He was lifelessly on the ground when he was found and concluded he was dead. The body was taken back home but he sneezed out the cotton wool miraculously. And he escape death.

This incident caused his swollen stomach. It was a miracle because his stomach was so big he couldn’t see his legs, if not for God he would have died, Ibu narrated.

Mr Ibu also affirmed that he has been poisoned several times by his staffs. The gave another instance of him being poison in the office, which he screamed but no one came to his rescue, but he regained consciousness when he was able to vomit the poison out.

His gratitude to God is endless as he continues to thank God for keeping him and guiding him from the evil ones. He was disappointed to all those criticizing him, without knowing what really the reason were.

That’s why there Is a saying that “Do not Judge a Book by its cover. ”

This is another wake up call to Nigerians who criticize people without knowing their story. Please desist from it. God bless and keep you.

Source: Operanews

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