NBC Bans Ric Hassani’s Song ‘Thunder Fire You

NBC Bans Ric Hassani’s Song ‘Thunder Fire You’

Ric Hassani’s melody, ‘Thunder Fire You’ has been restricted from being played on radio by the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC.

The vocalist revealed this on his Twitter page.

His Tweet read: “Along these lines, the NBC has restricted my melody ‘Thunder Fire You’ and are fining radio broadcasts that play it. Intriguing.

“I’ve generally been quiet in the tempest.”

He, notwithstanding, didn’t uncover reasons yet it is likely the tune was restricted for the utilization of specific words.

A few verses from the melody are “Thunder fire you for when you undermined me”, “E off limits better for you”.

Despite the fact that it’s a separation tune, this may appear as hostile and a break of NBC code.

Ric Hassani is prominently known for his hit single “Refined man”, and his presentation collection “The African Gentleman”.

He just delivered his new second collection “The Prince I became”.

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