Nigerian Army Prepares For Lockdown Over Coronavirus

Nigerian Army Prepares For Lockdown Over Coronavirus
Nigerian Army Prepares For Lockdown Over Coronavirus

Authorities of the Nigeria Army are preparing for a lockdown following the scene and continued with spread of Coronavirus in the country.

In an orchestrated report from the working environment of Chief of Army Staff, Yusuf Buratai, steered to Army Headquarters and seen by SaharaReporters on Tuesday, workforce were urged to be on the alert as they could be passed on to various bits of the country in the coming days to help in the fight against Coronavirus in Nigeria.

The record moreover said that the military may more likely than not participate in an action codenamed SECOND ELEVEN to help stop the spread of the contamination.

The record set apart by Lt Gen L.O. Adeosun, mentioned pioneers at all levels to suspend all events including gigantic get-togethers, for instance, social events, briefings and gatherings.

It also mentioned suspensions of each and every outside course, social events, classes and diverse abroad journeys by staff.

The update scrutinizes, “All Nigeria Army schools and getting ready centers including the Army War College are to be closed down, while the end hour for all turns of events and units has been pegged to 4:00pm except for those on fundamental commitments.

“Envisioning lease of excavators, truck, water big haulers and other critical vehicles to help OP SECOND ELEVEN in the domain of possible mass internment, water and key sustenance/quiet supplies, solid trade of the cleared out to the crisis facility, usage of government improvement confinement demand, etc will be a bit of it.”

The incitation of Op SECOND ELEVEN will see military work power ensuring about critical sustenance stores and government storerooms for essential items from pillaging, while in like manner arranging with the police and other law approval workplaces in actualizing the restriction of improvement and various requests from government.

While mentioning fast suspension of all leave and passes, Nigeria Army work power are facilitated to be on most noteworthy security alert and be set up for sending as may be required.

“Officials are to correspondingly start basic planning and bores completely expecting possible commencement of OP SECOND ELEVEN,” the update states.

The update, imitated to each military course of action the country over, chides staff to withstand cautiously by the preventive standards gave by prosperity experts while empowering anyone with appearances of COVID-19 to reply to the nearest military clinical post for checks.

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