NIN compulsory for 2021 jamb registration – federal government warns

NIN compulsory for 2021 jamb registration – Federal government warns

The federal government have yet made it clear to 2021 intending jamb applicants that no one will register for the entry examination without their NIN (national identification number).



Prior to that, we recall last year(2020), before the commencement of jamb registration, the federal government had said the same thing to jamb applicant, mandating that last year, every jamb applicant must have their National identification number before they’re eligible to register.



However, because of how impromptu the notice came, and also looking at the timing in which the information came, The federal government refrained from making NIN compulsory for jamb registration but warned that in 2021 it’ll be a must have for every intending jamb candidate and it seems they meant business after all.


We now urge all intending jamb applicants to make sure they’ve gotten their NIN (national identification number) or rush to the nearest NIN registration centre close to them and get one, so as not to be put in unnecessary pressure now that jamb registration haven’t commenced.
Do well to get you NIN.

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