Points To Note When Visiting Emeka Offor Plaza, Onitsha

Points To Note When Visiting Emeka Offor Plaza, Onitsha


There have been really pitiable tales about Nimek Plaza ( Sir Emeka Offor plaza) everybody with their tale of woes all centering on the dubious characters hanging around the plaza fleecing people of their hard earned money and mobile devices.


Points to Note when visiting the plaza;


• Real owners of shops and goods don’t hang around the staircase and leeways, they are in their various shops


• No 3 New market Road, the building immediately after Eko bank (if you are coming down from New market Road towards main market) and opposite Keystone is the real Emeka Offor plaza.
Ejison plaza is not Emeka Offor plaza.
Our Lord’s plaza is not Emeka offor plaza.
Emordi plaza is not Emeka Offor plaza.
But Emeka Offor plaza is now taking responsibility for every negative issues committed by occupants of this various plazas.



• We have a functional management in Emeka Offor plaza who look into customers complaints and diligently settles whatever issues amicably so the customer can go home fulfilled and happy.



• Insist on being issued invoice for the goods purchased with the shop number and the shops contact number clearly written on the invoice.



Lastly, while we can never be too careful or perfect but insist on never be guided or followed around by boys/touts parading the premises.


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