Police And Yahoo Boys: A Must Read

Police And Yahoo Boys: A Must Read

Police And Yahoo Boys: A Must Read
Police And Yahoo Boys: A Must Read

Different States in the Nation for the Past two weeks have withnessed never like before ,Protest against SARS, Police Brutality …The Tempo is getting calm now most especially in the South West .During the Protest ,there are different categories of people all under the name ” Protesters” One thing was Clear ,Large number of SARS a Unit of the Nigerian Police Force engaged in In-humane Maltreatment towards many people especially the Youths ,Some Innocent Youths were Killed brutally by the Proscribed SARS .Many were Wrongly accused.

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Having an iPhone becomes a Sin , Laptops owners were mostly Harrased ,Having a Dread ,Sagging ,Driving good and neat car attract the attension of SARS especially if your are quite young .I am not in support of Internet Scams whichever way it’s Defines ,The Last Protest was never to Labell Internet Fraudsters / Yahoo Boys activities as the right work to do ,It was not a Protest to stop Security Agencies from Doing there Work ,It’s not to discourage the Nigerian Police from working against Crimes ,During the Protest .

It’s clear that large Chunk of Yahoo boys came out to Protest against SARS/ Police not because they are Innocent but because it’s an Opportunity to deal with SARS/Police for all the Attrocities SARS/ Police could have committed against them . The Protest has been done ,By and Large everything is Calming down now .The Nigerian Police should set up a Tactical Unit that would combat Armed Robbery ,Whether we like it or not ,A Country can not just be without a Tactical Unit to Combat Armed Robbery .The Mistake should not be made again .Whichever name The new Tactical Unit will be called ,The Police officers should face there Primary duties which is going after Armed Robbers ,Yahoo Boys are not Armed Robbers please ,Armed Robbers uses Arms,Guns and other Dangerous weapons to Rob there Victims ,Yahoo Boys uses there Brain,Internet Tools ,Hacking Tools ,Laptops to Get money from there Victims ,EFCC does the work to Investigate ,arrest and take a Suspected Yahoo guy to the Court of Law .

Yahoo Boys this time arround should not assume that they have fought a battle during the Protest to silence the Security Authourities so they could do whatever they like Absolutely No ,If you are into Internet Fraud/ Scams EFCC is watching you and coming after you .I say No to Harrasement / Brutality / Taking Yahoo Boys to ATM to withdraw money to give Security Agencies .Any suspected Yahoo guy should be well Investigated with Clear Evidences ,such should be Busted at home ,Invited and interrogated gently ,Not the Nonsense Chasing on the Road ,Shootings on the road .Yahoo Boys Watch your back ,Tactical Unit to combat Armed Robberies ,leave Yahoo boys alone and face your Target which are Armed Robbers .

SARS Could ask for Money ,Bribe from you once you were seen in Public ,They might take you to ATM to withdraw for them ,Some Yahoo boys even have some SARS then as friend who they pay dues to ,Some do have some SARS that even assist them ,escort them to pick Money,This time arround ,Many prefers SARS picks them after all Na settlement go end am,Many Yahoo Guys prefers SARS and never EFCC because of the fear of Loosing there whole Properties ,Cars ,Cash .Well I do not know if EFCC too do Pardon Yahoo guys and collect bribe but with the few cases I see ,The Yahoo guys lost all .So Yahoo Guys watch your back .

There are no more SARS EFCC do your Job Honestly ,Yahoo Boys sometimes are Cultist ,Some Cuiltist goes into Armed Robberies that is a different case if you are Caught in the Acts of Robbery then it’s no more on Yahoo boy level Anymore ,Bros you are armed Robber and you must be dealt with as one .Long live Nigeria.

Source: By Maxchu (Nairaland)


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