Policeman arrested for shooting wife dead in Bayelsa State

Policeman arrested for shooting wife dead in Bayelsa State
Policeman arrested for shooting wife dead in Bayelsa State

A care fight in Streams State went in a new direction after a police investigator recognized as Tuddy Warebayigha shot his significant other dead.

The executioner cop serving at Kaima Police Division in Kolokuma/Opokuma Nearby Government Region of Bayelsa State, is supposed to be infamous for his ”flighty conduct and being a heavy drinker.”

It was accumulated that his better half Foundation, who is an instructor passed on the spot in the wake of being taken shots at short proximity on her legs and stomach after he greeted her over the care of their 9 kids.

An observer revealed to The Country;

“Sampou indigenes that saw the episode, said however the couple were not, at this point together as husband and spouse, the Police auditor normally took steps to manage the wife. As she was on her path home from the ranch, her furnished and dazed spouse addressed her and requested for the whereabouts of the youngsters.

“The perished didn’t respond to all the maltreatment by her better half. Her police spouse positioned his rifle and fired her in the leg. Different supporters endeavored to grasp him from behind and perhaps incapacitate him however fizzled. He took steps to slaughter any individual who mediated.”

“After he shot her in the stomach, he was seen making call to an obscure individual flaunting that he had shot her and shown her a thing or two”.

The state’s police representative, Butswat Asinim additionally affirmed the episode. He said;

“On 24/02/2020 at around 1350 hours, Assessor Tuddy Warebayigha, serving at Kaima Police Division, Bayelsa State shot his better half, Mrs Good cause Francis Tuddy on her way to the homestead at Sampou, Kolokuma/Opukuma Neighborhood Government Region, over conjugal misconception”.

“The casualty was promptly hurried to the emergency clinic, where she was affirmed dead. The suspect was captured and confined at the State Criminal Examination Division for additional Examination. He has been defaulted and whenever discovered punishable, will be excused and charge to court.”

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