Prof. Wole soyinka litigates FG of kidnapping Nnamdi kanu.

Written by abraham

Prof. Wole soyinka,Nobel laureate has accused the FG of kidnapping Nnamdi kanu,the leader of Indigenous people Biafra (IPOB).

He said that the president should prepare for an uproar in the country if the truth about how kanu was apprehended was made public.

He further emphasized that Nigeria has acted outside international law by apprehending Nnamdi kanu outside the country.


“The second issue, however, has to do with Kanu’s conduct outside the nation.


“There’s been a level of hate rhetoric which has been unfortunate, from Kanu. Hate rhetoric is an issue that can only be judged by the laws of any nation.


“Was it right ‘to have been kidnapped?’ You can say intercepted as much as you want but I think Kanu was kidnapped. That is wrong internationally and morally.”


The Nobel Laureate said the federal government was eager to arrest Kanu but has not shown the same eagerness in going after bandits and insurgents.

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