Prostitutes Beat Pastor To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises

Prostitutes Beat Pastor To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises

Prostitutes Beat Pastor To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises
Prostitutes Beat Pastor To Coma For Preaching In Their Premises

At the point when Evangelist Mathew of a famous church in Ejigbo, Lagos, chose to do the incomparable Biblical injuction that says: “In this manner, proceed to lecture all countries, purifying through water them for the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and encouraging them to obey all that I have directed you”, much to his dismay that some abused unrepentant heathens could go the additional mile of beating him senseless like a typical crook.

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Maybe, in his numerous long stretches of doing God’s work, Friday, Agust 14, would stay evergreen in his memory, as he met more than he anticipated from some perturbed business whores who accepted his lesson inside their premises was not beneficial for their bed-to-riches exchange.

As indicated by an onlooker record of the open demonstration of disgrace, Theresa Okwudili, inconvenience began for the 36-year-elderly person of God when he remained at a short proximity to Golden lodging, Ejigbo, and started lecturing the ladies of simple excellencies and their male customers to spurn their corrupt ways and go to God for liberation and salvation.

Notwithstanding, when they couldn’t help thinking that the evangelist was not in rush to end his lesson and leave, Hannah, said to be one of the most infamous individuals from the ‘Club’ chose to attack the issue in earnest. “She furiously drew out a basin of water and poured the godly man.

“As he was all the while attempting to fathom what was happening, another whore menacingly progressed towards him and began driving him away. He was nearly pushed to the drain notwithstanding the opportune mediation of passers-by”, Okwudili described.

Giving more bits of knowledge into the beginning of the fight, Uchenna Kingsley, whose habitation was nearby the house of ill-repute expressed along these lines: “That was not the main day he was lecturing at that place. In any case, he didn’t use to get so near the massage parlor premises as he did on this event. To me, I accept he violated his limit since he realized the spot was an unholy zone; he ought to have proceeded all the more cautiously”.

Albeit, all endeavors to talk with the Evangelist hit the stone, it was assembled that he didn’t make any endeavor to retaliate the women, whom we were told he depicted as little girls of Jezebel. “He just said God will repay them in triple and left the scene with his sound contraptions and wet body”, the source indicated.


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