Rafa Marquez to take over Barcelona – Read Full Details

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Rafa Marquez to take over Barcelona – Read Full Details

Rafa Marquez is likely to come back to Barcelona this upcoming summer. Taking overall the club’s Juvenil A the under-19s team on of the FC Barcelona, La Liga.

Marquez has previously confirmed that he’s been performing at the club during July as well as August. According to reports he is now anticipated to be named as Sergi Mila’s replacement.


However, according to Diario Sport. Mila has now been informed that he will not be the Catalans’ Juvenil. A manager in the upcoming season, while Marquez will most likely take his position. Guiding the team in the UEFA Youth League.

Oscar Lopez would remain also with the Juvenil B team. Due to his performance after much examination by the board. According to the Catalan publication Sport.

Rafa Marquez is contemplating a homecoming to Barcelona. After he won about 12 titles as a footballer during the 2003 and 2010 seasons.


FC Barcelona, La Liga – Brief History of Rafa Marquez

Rafa Marquez bacerlona coach
Rafa Marquez bacerlona coach

A player, a football icon, and a motivator who was at his greatest for Barcelona as well as Mexico. Rafael Marquez has been one of Mexico’s greatest legends; thus. We will discuss and write concerning Rafael Marquez’s biography briefly. Keep an eye out for updates.

Rafael Marquez Alvarez must have been born in Zamora, Michoacan, in Mexico. Dated on the 13th of February 1979. Marquez was the very first Mexican to participate in the Spanish league. And therefore is regarded as one of Mexico’s finest footballers in history. His dad, Rafael Marquez Esqueda, was indeed a footballer. Who had actually played for the Tigres, Atletico Zamora. As well as the Irapuato Sports Club amongst many others? Rafael Marquez has been active in sporting activities. Particularly soccer, since he was a youngster. And his dad was a major source of such passion as he keeps encouraging him.


While he was younger, Rafa Marquez played football with his dad’s football club. This means that football is really business in his family. Before joining Atlas de Guadalajara some few years afterward Marquez. He is really 13 years old, manages to school at Colegio Francisco while still playing at Atlas. Within 4 years, he earned his Mexican First Division appearance against the UNAM Pumas. Marquez stayed in the Atlas for three regular seasons, appearing in 77 games and scoring six goals before eventually heading to Europe to advance his career.

Rafael Marquez is of Mexican origin and is regarded as among the greatest respected players in La Liga. Rafael Marquez was indeed a superb defender and, without the need for doubt, perhaps one of Barcelona’s legends. There seems to be a lot to say regarding Marquez’s life, therefore it isn’t just about him.


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